Nora’s Quinceanera


For those of you wondering what a quinceanera is it’s a girls 15th birthday party. In Latin culture this birthday is  a coming of age, and the party is second only to her wedding. The ones we have here aren’t nearly as fancy as some but we are limited in our funds. But it really is like a wedding Nora went and picked out a dress and shoes. There was a three tiered cake all the layers being a different flavor.  It was decorated with fresh roses and frosting, Some of the other girls got all dressed up to and proceeded Nora in entering the room. Nora was then escorted in by Ryan with a bouquet of roses in her arms and special music playing.  They danced to a song and then she sat down at her own special table behind her cake. The floor was then open to anyone who wanted to say something and quite a few people did. Next was cutting and serving the cake and then the best part we danced and danced and danced! This really wore Ryan and I out, we are not used to living at 8,500 ft elevation and thus tire quickly. But it was so fun and so worth all the exhaustion!


About wroblicky

I am a child of God and do my best to love and serve Him on a daily basis. I'm am currently serving Him by showing and sharing Him with some precious girls at an orphanage in Cochabamba, Bolivia. I have been married to a wonderful man for 6 years and have two children, a son who is 3 and a daughter who is 1.

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