Easter Advent Weeks 2 and 3





Day 8 Sunday

John the Baptist Mark 8:1-8

Ornament: bug

As one looks toward the coming of the resurrection of Christ, Easter Sunday, John the Baptist told us to prepare the path of the Lord. The way John told them to prepare was by turning away from sin and turning to God! If our hearts are turned from sin and to God then one is rolling out the “red carpet” for the coming of the King!!

1. Where is your heart focused? On the world around us or on the coming of the King of Kings?

2. What sins do you need to confess before God?

3. How can you truly change your heart to prepare the way of the Lord?

Day 9 Monday

Jesus Baptized Luke 3:21-23 & John 1:29-34

Ornament: Dove

The testimony given by John the Baptist at the baptism of Jesus is that He is a Passover lamb, that is, a sacrifice. Jesus is no “run-of-the-mill” lamb. He is God’s lamb, the lamb provided by God Himself and confirmed by the Holy Spirit. Ordinarily sinners offer their own lambs to God. Here we have the reverse: God offers Himself, a sacrificial lamb, to take away the sin of the world.

1. Jesus is the special Passover Lamb, has the Spirit confirmed this to you that He can take away your sins?

2. Are you living in a way that shows that your sins are taken away & you are His child?

Day 10 Tuesday

Jesus Begins to Call Disciples Matthew 4:2-22

Ornament: Mouth

Jesus called people to follow after Him. They were not just people who “heard” the command but who would actually follow His lead wherever He wanted to go! A disciple is to be one who follows Jesus as the “number one” priority! Wherever we live or work we are to be His disciples. The primary job of His disciples is to be “fishers of men”. Thus wherever you are you should be “fishing” for people to follow Him also!!

1. Are you one of Jesus’ disciples who is continually following after Him? Is that your “number one” priority?

2. Who are people around you whom you need to be “fishing for”, who need to hear the call to follow Jesus? Pray for them!

3. Who needs your help to keep on following Jesus & fishing for others?


Day 11 Wednesday

Water into Wine John 2:1-11

Ornament: cup painted red

John mentioned that this miracle was a sign. It is the first of many signs! It was a miracle that had significance. Its significance appears to be that it showed that Jesus had the same power to create that God demonstrated in the Creation. Thus it pointed to Jesus being the Creator God who could transform things from one condition into another (2 Cor. 5:17). This demonstration of His power glorified Jesus in the eyes of those who witnessed it and heard about it. The disciples put their faith in Him. This initial faith would be tested and developed as they grew in their understanding of Jesus. At this point they did not understand His death and resurrection (John 20:8–9) but they did know His power.

1. Do you believe that Jesus has the power to transform things, even your own life?

2. Do you believe that Jesus has the power to use or change the present circumstances around you?

3. What needs to be placed before Him in faith & left there?


Day 12 Thursday

Feeding of the 5000 John 6:1-15

Ornament: Fish

This miracle is the only one which is recorded in all four gospels. Again John calls them signs because they led people to seek for Jesus. John is going out of his way to mention that the Passover is near, and he does so to associate the feeding of the five thousand with Jesus’ self-sacrifice for our salvation (John 6:25–58). Jesus used this time to demonstrate that He would meet not only the needs that people have for physical food but also the needs all people have for spiritual food! It is likely that the crowd’s main purpose was to secure through Jesus a constant supply of free food, rather than carefully seeing His potential as the Messiah to meet their spiritual needs also.

1. How has Jesus meet your physical needs like food, clothing, shelter…?

2. In what ways has Jesus also met your spiritual needs?

3. Do you have any needs that should be lifted up to Him now?


Day 13 Friday

The Transfiguration Matthew 17:17:1-13

Ornament: White cloth

In Matthew 16:28, Jesus said that some of His disciples would not taste death before seeing the Son of Man come in His kingdom so that the transfiguration fulfills the prediction. Three disciples caught a glimpse of the intersection between heaven and earth and observed Jesus in His heavenly glory with the Moses and Elijah!! This is most likely Jesus’ post-resurrection body. This vision of Jesus would have strengthened the disciples’ faith that He was the Messiah. It would also have helped them understand that the sufferings He said He would experience would not be final! Thus these disciples and we ourselves have a hope that we all will see Him in glory having risen from the dead!

1. The disciples had hope even when things were difficult. Do you have the hope that you will one day see Jesus?

2. What gives you the hope you need when times get “bumpy”?

Day 14 Saturday

Lazarus John 11:1-3, 17-27, 38-44

Ornament: Tear drop

Physical death is the divine object lesson of what sin does in the spiritual realm. As physical death ends life and separates people, so spiritual death is the separation of people from God and the loss of life which is in God (John 1:4). Jesus has come so that people may live full lives. Lazarus’ death and restoration to life also foreshadows the death and resurrection of Jesus. Jesus has shown His power in many ways and now with Lazarus He shows His power over death! This story contains a strong personal command to believe in Jesus in a crisis, when such belief would be most difficult. Martha believed that Jesus is the resurrection and the life and that he who believes in Him will live even if he dies. The question before each of us is, do we believe & live like Jesus is the resurrection & life?

1. What was a time when you needed to trust in God even in the midst of a tragic situation?

2. How did God meet your needs during that occasion? How did your belief hold?

Day 15 Sunday

The Triumphal Entry John 12:12-19

Ornament: palm branch

The waving of the palm branches was a sign of honor for a victorious person or royalty. The chant of Hosanna means “save us now” from Ps. 118:25–26. The title King of Israel shows clearly they wanted the Messiah but they wanted Him to politically take over now. Jesus rode a donkey as a king of peace. Jesus allowed all this now because it fulfilled several prophecies. He was the King of Israel and the One who would save them. However, Jesus was operating on God’s time and in God’s way! All this is true even today! We need to be waiting for what God desires in God’s timing!!

1. Jesus is the resurrected King and will return to rule over all! Are you ready & waiting for Him in His timing?

2. What should you be doing to prepare for the day when Jesus does come again? (Hint: 2 Peter 3:11-12, 14)

Day 16 Monday

The Greatest Commandment Matthew 22:34-40

Ornament: Heart

The kingdom life that Jesus started is summarized in these two commandments. The love of God, the greatest commandment, flows into the love of man. All the commandments of the Law & prophets flow out of these two commandments! Jesus loves God with His whole heart, for he is blameless in his loyalty to God. Jesus loves God with His whole soul, for He is prepared to surrender His life should God so will. And Jesus loves God with His whole mind, for He lays claim for Himself neither to the worldly power nor to the security of family, home, and possessions.

1. Are you willing to love God as Jesus did?

2. How might you grow in your love for God so it flows more into a love for all mankind?

3. How might your life show the loyalty & surrender to God and a mind controlled by Him?

Day 17 Tuesday

Jesus Clears the Temple Mark 11:15-18

Ornament: Picture of a temple

Jesus wanted to communicate a lesson both in word and in deed. He was cleaning out the temple because of the abuse and selfish focus of the leaders and merchants. He said “My house”. So “my house” appears to mean Jesus’ house. If it does mean Jesus’ house, he’s claiming authority to cleanse it of the commercialism that has taken away its proper use for prayer by all the nations. God’s house is to be clean, open to all and is for worship and prayer with Him!

1. Christians are now God’s temple and He dwells in each one who knows Him. Does Jesus have the authority to do any “Spring cleaning” in your temple?

2. Do you talk with Jesus much in “your temple”? Take a few minutes…

Day 18 Wednesday

Jesus Washes the Disciples Feet John 13:2-17

Ornament: feet

Jesus showed His disciples an example of His humility and servant’s heart. However, Jesus’ words suggest that the feet-washing was more than an example. Jesus’ self-humiliation in washing his disciples’ feet symbolized his self-humiliation in accepting death upon the cross to bring about their cleansing from sin. Peter and the rest of the disciples including us must accept what Jesus did for them, for if they did not, clearly they could have no part with Him. Not only are we to accept what Jesus has done for us but to follow His example with others!

1. Have you been willing to allow Jesus to wash you from all of your sins?

2. How could you follow Jesus’ example and serve others around you? When will you be doing it?
If you would like to feel free to wash each others feet after the devotional on this day.

Day 19 Thursday

The Last Supper Luke 22:7-8, 17-20 and Jesus Arrested Luke 22:47-53

Take communion and/or celebrate passover

Ornament: Lamb

At a Passover meal unleavened bread that has been pierced through is broken and shared. There are four cups used. The third cup is called the “cup of redemption”. These elements remember the unleavened bread used at the exodus from Egypt and the cup is a symbol of the blood of the lamb who protected the Israelites from the angel of death. Jesus said they also represent His body as a sinless (“unleavened”), pierced, broken man and His blood, the blood of the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world. It is after this last supper that they went to the Garden of Gethsemane where Judas betrayed his friend and Jesus was arrested.

1. When you partakes in the Lord’s Supper you is proclaiming the Lord’s death to cover your sins! Are you truly His child and ready & willing to proclaim His death until Jesus returns again or will you betray Him?

2. Paul said that believers are not to take the Lord’s Supper in an unworthy manner (1 Corinthians 11:27-29). Truly examine yourself to be sure you are right before God!

*You may think this is only celebrated by Jews but I grew up celebrating Passover, it helps you understand communion and the symbolism is amazing. I recommend it!
Here is an very simple and fun passover for kids: http://childrensministry.com/articles/a-time-to-remember/2/

Here is a more in depth but still kid friendly passover: http://sharonglasgow.com/2013/03/a-simple-family-passover-seder-supper/

If you want to celebrate the full passover as Jesus would have done here is a downloadable version: http://www.hebrew4christians.com/Holidays/Spring_Holidays/Pesach/H4C_Passover_Seder.pdf

Day 20 Friday

The Crucifixion Matthew 27:11-20, Luke 23:32-38, Matthew 27:45-54, Luke 23:50-56

Ornament: a nail; everyone in your family who can will hammer a nail into the cross

Jesus, the Son of God, was willing to be nailed to a cross so that your sins might be paid for. Your sins were covered by His blood, the blood of the Lamb, that God might “passover” them and begin a real life relationship with you! If you have accepted Jesus’ gift and begun a relationship with Him, you have been bought with a price and you are not your own but belong to Him! You are His child and He is your Lord! (1 Corinthians 6:19-20)

1. Give thanks to Jesus that He paid for your sins with His blood!

2. What does it mean that you are not your own but belong to Jesus?

3. Are there any “closets” or “rooms” in your life that do not belong to Jesus? Are you willing to give them over to Him?

Day 21 Saturday

A Guard at the Tomb Matthew 27: 62-65

Ornament: a guard

The chief priests and Pharisees were not satisfied with Jesus’ death and burial! They remembered that while Jesus was alive He said “After three days I will arise”! They wanted to be sure to keep the dead man dead! Thus they asked for a Roman seal of security to be placed on the tomb & guarded! They did not want any of his disciples’ coming and stealing the body and telling people that Jesus has risen from the dead!

1. The Jewish leaders wanted to be sure that their ways were secure and no one would be deceived. Have you ever wanted your ways secure?

2. What power is more secure than God’s power?

3. Do your ways need to be set in line with God’s ways? Then they will have His power!

Day 22 Sunday

The Resurrection, Ascension & 2nd Coming Matthew 28:1-10, Acts 1:1-11

Ornament: Cloud

Jesus was laid in Joseph’s tomb with a seal and guards. The Jews & the Romans did not want Jesus to rise. The disciples were sad, afraid and in hiding! On the third day the tomb was empty. The question you need to ask is who moved the stone? Was it the Jews? The Romans? What about the disciples, who would later be martyred? Who showed the power to create new wine? Who showed the resurrected body? Who showed the power over death by raising Lazarus? Jesus, the living God, moved the stone and He has risen from the dead!! As sure as Jesus rose from the dead and ascended into heaven fulfilling numerous prophecies so also will Jesus return to take us home!
1. Who do you truly think moved the stone?

2. If you believe that Jesus has risen from the dead, do you believe that He will come again? Do you live like that?

3. How can you prepare for and roll out the “red carpet” for the second coming of the King?


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I am a child of God and do my best to love and serve Him on a daily basis. I'm am currently serving Him by showing and sharing Him with some precious girls at an orphanage in Cochabamba, Bolivia. I have been married to a wonderful man for 6 years and have two children, a son who is 3 and a daughter who is 1.

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